Money! Money! Money!
What do you think about when money comes up?
Is money scarce for you right now? Or, do you have enough, perhaps wanting more?
The simple truth is money, as well as everything you want and need, is available to you. And there’s always enough.
Maybe you can’t see it now. But you WILL see it soon. And you will be AMAZED.
Beginning October 21 you get to listen to six days of breakthrough audio sessions of solid and practical advice, techniques, and processes to lessen financial stress and increase your personal wealth.
We’re calling it the Money Mindfest, and it will be presented by three amazing and successful teachers:JOE VITALE, PAUL R. SCHEELE, & JACK CANFIELD.
And…best of all, it is free!
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You will learn to combine the powerful forces of attraction and creation with the powerful resources of your subconscious mind to:
• Automatically align with the universe… instead of working to make it happen
• Systematically manifest your desires… instead of merely thinking about it
• Quickly get what you want… instead of waiting for it to show up
Why just want money, when you can have it?
And we will show you how. You will be able to listen to over seven hours of professionally produced audio sessions designed to help you step into a world of greater wealth and financial well-being.
It’s free. There are no strings attached. You don’t even need to give a credit card number to sign up. We want to make it easier for everyone – for you – to live a richly rewarding life. The ideas you will learn are sound, and the processes you will experience work, so get your Free Pass today.
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For your personal abundance,
Derrall Bellaire
MoneyMindFest - Click Here to Sign Up Today for FREE